The naked truth

People usually say there are so many cities in the world but I encountered so many different world in a city. For some it may seem totally illogical, just once roam around your own city you will feel the parallel world people are living in.

There are people who have everything in their lives all the comfort you can think of and in the same city there are people sleeping on the streets somewhere. Some are distressed because they aren’t able to decide what to wear for the party tonight, while on the other hand there is someone down the street somewhere in a little house of their trying to fix holes on the only shirt they have.

Among so many cities in the world you will always finds these parallel world’s. There are people whose lives are so monotonous, neither do they love themselves nor do they hate, they are totally empty, no feelings at all. On the other hand there are people who feel way too much about each and every thing passing by, it leaves an impact on their lives.

There are so many different individuals with so many different conditions. how can ever be their world related in any way ? Every person has their own small world filled with their loved ones, friends, family and of course work.

Every life breathes in their own world, times when their lives may collide somewhere but chances of that are really less. really hope some day their worlds cross paths somewhere and they get a chance of seeing life from a different point of view.

Bid Adieu….

I know heaven is waiting for you so, I am letting you go, you deserve nothing less than the best, you worth it, today I know.

The time we spent were the best, the memories we made are phenomenal, walking down the memory lane, my favourite alley, as being my prefered space, it will last a lifetime I pledge.

The only option, to let you go today wrecked my heart, being the best for you and for me. I never wanted you segregated from me but here we are today. Till my last breath you will be in my heart, it may skip it’s beat but not you.

Today, while I bid you adieu my dear, rest in peace, hundreds and thousands of words could not bring you back I know as have tried, but this the best I can do for you.

We will never meet again , nor will we share our thoughts, no silly fights, all of these will never happen again, strange to believe but true. So, it’s finally over. Bid adieu.

Our Magical Realism

eyeglasses with black frame beside macbook pro

Somewhere far from the world of fiction, there is Realism. Amongst both, I always preferred fiction, it pleased me to be the part of something so unreal, a world of imagination, where everything was possible, even though being a reader, it felt I was the part of that invincible world. Realism on the other hand is vice versa.

There is definitely nothing more wonderful than fiction, no one knows this better than me still, neither of us can deny the existence of realism. The world we live in is truth, it is the real far from the world of fiction.

In this real world there is no magical hidden world of Hogwarts, no flying carpet, no magical creatures. Being living in that magical world was dream of so many of us. We have so many such fantasies going in our heads and we love it. I really do love them but reality my friends can sometimes be magical as well.

Trust in your fantasies, trust what you really want and the day even if one percent of it comes true, that day your reality will seem to be magical.

Living in this world, working everyday, coming home tired, again waking up the other day and it keeps on repeating. All of this seems just a small part of the game when you widen up your vision. Real world holds much more than we see, when you widen up your vision you will start feeling it.

The songs of ocean, waves singing day and night sharing all of its experience. Rustling of the leaves saying stories of the ages they have seen. A letter you received has traveled such a long distance and reached you. Coincidences of meeting few strangers everyday. There are so many stories hidden everywhere in our normal day to day life. It would be magical to know even one of those.


The deer ran as fast as it can, as it’s cage was opened. Filled with feeling of amaze and freedom, didn’t even wanted to hold its breath, being among all those whom he envied. Finally, tired he sat on the green grass which was spread miles and miles, green till the eyes can see, the blue sky above and no boundaries anywhere to be seen.

Spending the happiest days of his life till now, everyday living the life of his dreams. Running around till he was tired, having as much food as he can, being with his own kind.

One day he went too far while running around the forest and what he came across he couldn’t believe his eyes. Being in this forest since last six months happily enjoying a normal free life, today he saw a cage like fence which was much large than the cage from which he escaped. He looked at it, being a bit sad for a while, then he looked back towards the forest smiled, turned and never came back there ever.

Life has always been like this, you escape from a cage and roam around until the day you see the boundaries, you never know that they exist. We escape from a cage just to get entrapped in another.

Concentrating on the boundaries around you, will never let you be happy stop searching for them if you can’t see it then it doesn’t exist.

Reality is there’s always a cage around everyone if they never discover it they will have nothing to worry about. Sometimes it’s good to avoid certain things.

A Piece Of Me

bakery baking cake chocolate

I may not be delicious for everyone’s taste but there may be surely some for whom, I am the best taste. Some may not be able to even bear the smell, for some I am fragrance they can’t resist.

There was a piece of me for everyone because they all needed it sometime or the other. A piece for the person who needed, my advice as they were too tensed. A piece for the one who needed me, to cheer them up because they had a rough day. A peice for the one who wanted affection, as they have been through hatred.

I tried to give a piece of me to everyone who said they needed it. I never asked a favour in return because I  felt it wasn’t right. Today when I look at them, they try to avoid me, then comes a realisation that a piece of me was wasted.

Every time when I gave a piece of me, I was left with one less. While giving myself to them I was getting empty, still denying was so not me. Untill a day came when I was totally empty and denying was the only option.

No one likes an empty tray of pastry, so they don’t like the taste of it anymore. A flower which was plucked from the tree a week ago, has lost much of its fragrance so they don’t like it’s smell anymore.



woman sitting on chair near a table

Going through hard times is depressing, just accept the reality, things are like this and they are not changing soon. Accepting definitely won’t pull you out of the anxiety but will bring you into your conscious and you can make stratergy to come out of the situation.

If you find that you have stepped into hell, accept it. Once you have accepted, now you know, this is your reality and this is your base from where you need to begin. Analyse every possibility of the situation, then come out with a stratergy, aiming for the best and prepared for the worst. Work upon your strategy, give your best and as you are already prepared for the worst, you just need to focus on getting the best now.

As you are already working towards your motive and have accepted your reality, no one can stop you from reaching the heaven you have planned for. The most difficult part of all is accepting, no one wants to accept the reality they are in, it is just easier to hope that this is not happening and live in their own sweet world of dreams.

Nothing will change if you believe so, you need to accept it first, that this is my situation and either I need to be like this or i need to make efforts to change it. Accept your hell and then start building your heaven.

Good luck to all those who have just decided to accept it and move forward to make their strategies. Do comment if you want to share anything or if you want to say anything about “Acceptance”.

My Everything

woman smiles while holding her hand

He was my friend, philosopher, guide, lover, even guardian sometimes.              He was my happiness, sadness, excitement, surprise and even fear.

He was the sun of my galaxy, my life revolved around him. My days started with him, ended with him. He seemed to be the force holding me to earth rather than gravity. He was my everything, realisation of this fact didn’t came easily to me but the day it came, I made it sure never to leave his side.

Life isn’t what you always decide. Still, it was my firm belief “if we have met there is definitely something special for us”. Everything was perfect with him, even things which could have irritated me at once, didn’t bothered me anymore. He was my knight in shining armour. I have never been more happy.

He cared for me like a father, loved me like lover, understood me like one of my school bestie, protected me like brother. What more do you expect from a guy ? Nothing, he was my ideal man.

Gradually, he was changing into someone whom I didn’t knew. Every virtue of his was now looking to be a vice but the fear of losing him was, much more than being with wrong person. My believe was firm, “things will be okay”.

One day he called and said sorry, for all that he did, I forgived, being happy like that little girl who gets her favourite toy back. It seemed things were perfect after such a long time. After somedays, he had to leave to meet his parents so I helped him with his packing.

Waiting for him to return, I was cooking for him, all the favorites of course, he knocked at the door. It seemed my heart leaped a beat or two, Today I was about to ask him about our marriage. I opened the door he came in, before I could say anything he said ” those people didn’t even let me say anything and forced me to accept the marriage proposal with a girl”. I saw the ring on finger.

I stood there quite and cold as the winter night, I asked him again if he was joking. He refused to it. I didn’t knew wat to do, wat to say. I just didn’t knew if I will be able to live without him. He just didn’t wanted me in his life anymore. He got a call from his wife, and was busy talking to her. With teared eyes I was looking at him. He didn’t bothered to even take a look.

My everything, belonged to someone else now and I can’t do anything about it. He decided suddenly to leave and move on. He was the sun of my life, soul of my body and as he left, he took away the spark from my life and soul from my body. My Everything turned me to nothing.

Have you ever loved someone so much that, after thier leaving it seems you have nothing left ? Comment below if you want to say anything.

I Understand You

young couple in city at night

I keep a lot to myself because it’s difficult to find people who can understand.

I was not feeling good, my friend saw my face and asked if anything was wrong, I said “yes” further she asked the reason and said she will understand. I told her “I think I don’t belong to this place” she gave me all sorts of logic of why I shouldn’t leave the place. I was quite, listening to her words and thinking did she even listened to me if yes, then maybe she pretends really well of understanding.

Understand is deeper than just knowing, there are many people who know you but very few who understand you. Trying to understand is an understatement, it can rather be called pretending to understand. People can’t try to understand because if they were able to they wouldn’t be trying.

I called up one of my friend, I told him how I was feeling. He said “maybe it’s time for you to move out of that place, I know you would have tried a lot, then only today you are saying this”, I listened to him and it felt I was about to break into tears. He didn’t ask the reason, neither did he tried to give the logic, no pros and cons. He understood, I tried my best to belong to the place but nothing worked. I spoke to few of my friends earlier, but they all gave their own point of view and pretended they were understanding.

Understanding is not putting yourself in others situation and then analysing it, rather it is accepting what the person is saying in that situation because everyone is different. Everyone has a different thought process hence what may be correct for you may not be correct for them. They have equal right just as you, to live their life with their own choice. If they are telling you their problem, rather than judging it on your ground, understand and if you cannot don’t even pretend it.



person wearing orange hoodie standing on green mountain under white sky

In the crowd, when I was not able to hear the voice of my soul, i went away.  I wanted to hear it again speaking to me, guiding me through all the situations of life. When I was not able to get the guidance I went away.

The world full of people was emptying me, advising the people around, taking care of them, listing to them, giving my best to them. I was empty and I wanted to refill myself, I went away.

The hustle bustle of my life, kept me busy and never did it gave me time to stop and think. I wanted to stop and think where was this life taking me. When I was not able to think about life, I went away.

I wanted to enjoy my solitude, so I went away. I walked through the wilderness, every bit of it was a pleasure. Trees and grasses all around, companionship of the wilderness, still I remained undisturbed. They were good with silence too. We felt the presence of each other and watched how beautiful we were.

Solitude played it’s part well, everything in this wilderness seemed so beautiful to me. The springs of life was refilled and I didn’t needed to go anywhere else now.


beverage blank blank space brown

I wanted to write how I was feeling today. In the search of words I was looking at the blank paper in front of me. Time passed, my eyes still looking at the paper. Maybe i wasn’t able to find suitable words or just didn’t knew wat was i searching for.

I wanted to express what was going inside me. Looking at the paper wasn’t helping anymore. Nothing helped, it seemed the words were upset from me, they didn’t wanted to show up however hard I tried.

There was definitely a feeling going inside me, which I wanted to convey through the papers but words refused to support me. Still, my mind going through the same turmoil to pen those feelings but no sucess.

There was no happiness neither sadness. This feeling was somewhere between them or way above them. While, trying to understand what I was going through, had my last sip of coffee.

I really wanted to write about this, a strange feeling I was going through  today. In the search of words again, my eyes went to empty paper in front of me. Only thing that striked my mind was, nothing can describe this feeling better than this empty paper.

There are times when our feelings go numb. It was difficult to pen down that hollowness, which I was going through. So, the empty paper seemed to be it’s best description.